Remove trace using Flex SDK

I get asked this question quite often so I thought I would post the answer out there just because not too many developers are either sharing this or savvy on this. It’s less than perfect but is very good for a final release where you don’t want to have traces being fired from your project […]

How not to hate SWF libraries

I have been playing with JSFL quite a bit recently and this little known technique may save you a a lot of time while working with SWF libraries. One thing I hate about Flash is linking library assets to classes. Actually I think linking library assets to already existing Classes is not a very good […]

AES Cryptography for Actionscript PHP

Over the last couple of years I have used encryption on many Flash projects and until the other day, this was always a straight forward task. Cryptography has been particularly useful when to protect a server side script from fraudulent attacks. This has included things like a high score board or the progress of players […]

FITC 2010

It’s been a while between posts, I have plenty of excuses but shortly it’s been a really busy year and I have a lot of draft posts I must finish. After my first major conference talk at FITC last year I decided on my own regards that it might be the first and last time […]

Custom blend modes for Flash 10

In the last few months I have been working on a collection of blendmodes for Flash 10 which extend the limited set of blendmodes currently and inconsistently supplied by Adobe applications. This can help to achieve all kinds of motion effects which I won’t go into detail here but if you know a little about […]

Export Layers to SWF with JSFL

It’s embarrassing but until the other week I hadn’t a reason to do anything (beyond tinkering) with JSFL. JSFL can be especially useful for simplifying or automating tasks in the Flash IDE and that isn’t breaking news. I think I understand why I haven’t been using JSFL too much until recently. The major problem I […]

FITC Pixel Bender Source Code

In my efficiency FITC talk I covered some topics regarding programmatically rendering to the DisplayList – efficiently and practically. This covered some simple examples showing what can be done in PixelBender with Shaders including blendModes, lighting effects and transitions. If you would like the source code for these examples you can get them from my […]

FITC Amsterdam Presentation

Thanks for all those who attended my FITC talk ‘Efficient Programming Practices for AS3’. I had nightmares hardly anyone would show up but instead the venue was packed with a special mention to the support from the lads at Agency Republic crew – much appreciated! Despite some early nerves (which I thank you for baring […]