Google / Windows Virtual Earth Maps Flash API v1.0 AS2 Source

Please refer to this article for the latest AS3 version for the project

I have finally had the time to rip the code out of X-Planet and supply it as an open source script API. I have setup example FLA's with AS 2.0 source supplied under GNU Lesser General Public License for Google Earth Maps, Google Moon, Google Mars, Virtual Earth Windows Maps, Ask Maps, World Of War Craft Maps and Windows Virtual Earth Birds Eye View. I have also done documentation in HTML available online or download the HTML source or install the Flash Panel Help with the MXP.
Download the source from the following repository.

As well I have added Google's location search only for the Earth maps which allows you to find a location on Earth with the Flash Maps - simply enter the name of the city, state or the city, suburb, state and it will automatically redirect to the GPS location.

In order to use either Google Maps Copyright, Google Location Search or Windows Virtual Earth Birds Eye View you will need to upload the provided .Net scripts to your own server. To update the domain property so that the provided examples work with your domain, change the myDomain property in the settings xml file for the particular map that you are using i.e. For Google Maps update the myDomain property in this xml file xml\google\settings\googleearth_settings_1.0.xml

Google Maps

Windows Virtual Earth Maps

Google Mars Maps

Google Moon Maps

Hope you find this useful, if you contribute, locate a bug or create something with it - adding a link here to it would be good or a small donation if for commercial purposes. Any information regarding please email me shanem[at]

I intend for for version 2.0 to include the following :

  • Major rewrite of the ZoomMap code
  • AS 3.0 support
  • Drawing API and Placemarkers