Fantastic 4 – See Yourself On Fire And Record It!

Become Johnny Storm the Human TorchThe Flame On site promotes the sequel movie for Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer. Using the site and a web camera you can see your self on fire just like the Human Torch character from the film. You can either use the site as a toy or record a 10 second video clip. Which you can send onto friends or embed the 'FlameOn'
code into your website. Using the 'Flame On' code you can further personalize the video by writing out your name or message in fire for those who are not content with just seeing themselves in fire.

On a technical note the site uses Flash Media Server 2 to record the clips. This is our first experiment in using this particular revision of Flash technology last time for me was Flash Communication Server way back when.

For me I find this type of site interesting to monitor the ratio's of people using this site as it hinges completely on having a web camera so I'll be keeping an eye over the stats for the next few weeks as the movie is out in cinemas in the US yesterday and Australia June the 21st.

Visit the site - Flame On!