The Seeker : The Dark Is Rising

The Seeker : The Dark Is RisingFor the last month I have been working on 2 phases of a movie site called the The Seeker : The Dark Is Rising. The Seeker is Eragon meets Harry Potter meets Peter Pan which has been a challenge in it's self. Though additionally to this it's been even more challenging to get through the build as the site is completely multilingual with exchangeable fonts. This sites a big load I know but the guys wanted epic and they got it in file size too - but hey those are some nice animations. One interesting part to the site is the ability for users to unlock site content by codes / sign sequences found on external media. Then like many movie sites people can embed some Flash into there page to track there progress of finding the signs you can see mine below.

There are also 6 mini games which can be embedded in webpages here.

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