Google, Windows, Yahoo, Ask Maps API for AS3/AS2/Flex

It's been some time coming though I've finally had time to finish the AS3 build of my universal maps code. It's available for download free of charge (though donations are apreciated) from the same SVN repository and the details for this are below. As well included is the original AS2 version in the file.

It's been a nice to re-build this project from scratch by taking full advantage of AS3 to simplify the original AS2 universal maps code as it's now 95 classes from over 500 but still offering almost all the inital functionality! As well not to mention the amazing performance differences between AVM1 and 2. I haven't gotten around to full documentation (will soon) but there are samples included on all the maps sources to easily get you started.

Here are some examples...

Google Maps

Windows Virtual Earth Maps

Google Mars Maps

Google Moon Maps

Download the source from the following SVN details

Don't have an SVN client? I recommend you use Tortoise - get it here or if you're an Eclipse user try Subclipse

To compile with Flex I used the command line arguments on the GoogleMapFlex example class :
-default-size 512 512 -default-frame-rate 31 -default-background-color 0x262B2D -library-path {flexSDK}/frameworks/locale/en_US -verbose-stacktraces
To publish a different example using Flex just make sure the class extends UniMapFlex rather than UniMap and that's it.