Flash In The Can 2009 Amsterdam

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by Shawn Pucknell director of the FITC events to talk at the upcoming 2009 conference. I graciously accepted his offer with some degree of terror as I've not presented to a group of people quite as large as the FITC event attracts.

There's a great line-up and more importantly a diversity of presenters from David Carson to Joshua Davis, so I think there will be something for everyone.

My talk will be on 'Efficient programming practices in AS3' and this does sound like the title of a quite dusty and dull book. When I proposed this talk among others (as he wanted a few ideas) to Shawn I had these awful visions of someone ranting for what might seem a lifetime by analysing Actionscript syntax examples to get across what might be an interesting point but instead emptyied the room. So in order to make this topic fun and information packed I will present these concepts visually by the well used practice of analogies. The format of the visuals I can't say yet but don't get your hopes up on some song and dance routine.

The talk is going to be really exciting and challenging for me, so that any one who knows a little Actionscript can get at least one takeaway. Enough said, for a line-up of the speakers or presentations follow the links and hope to see you in Feb 2009.

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