Tweensy goes public

I know it’s late but better late than never, Tweensy just turned 0.2 and is now available as a public beta. In this release Tweensy has been split into the 2 flavors Zero and Original and has an expansion FX package. I’ve been spending quite a while tightening all the bolts in Tweensy and to […]

Object Pooling in AS3

If you’re looking to save memory overhead and increase performance in your Flash creations then implementing the design pattern of Object Pooling is a great place to start. Object Pooling is most beneficial when the cost of construction is high or the frequency of construction is high. Though it has to be known Object Pooling […]

Simple rotation problem

It’s been odd though this week I’ve been asked about this rotation problem a few times, so it’s likely this may help others. This problem occurs when tweening rotation and the visual bug is that it’s not using the smallest rotation direction. To reproduce this rotation problem or visual glitch it seems to only occur […]

Flash In The Can 2009 Amsterdam

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by Shawn Pucknell director of the FITC events to talk at the upcoming 2009 conference. I graciously accepted his offer with some degree of terror as I’ve not presented to a group of people quite as large as the FITC event attracts. There’s a great line-up and […]

AS3 SWF Profiler

This handy script applies a profiler option to the right click Flash Context Menu which allows you to debug or track the current FPS or memory used by your SWF. Further to this it also stores a configurable history length of the frame rate and memory performance for the SWF. Adding this feature into your […]

Tips on how to write efficient AS3

Just recently I have needed an in depth understanding of AS3 efficiency practises, so I figured this is easiest done by getting involved in a series of relevant tests. Though there are similar blog posts regarding this most have been focused on either loops or Number types and this article won’t repeat these tests as […]