AS3 Tween Engine Tweensy (Preview)

Dynamic tweening is really important to a Flash Developer, and when I was programming in AS2 my tweening library of choice was either FuseKit or the Zigo Engine. Since AS3 there have been a few options available: Tweener Tween Lite Adobe’s Tween GTween ASAP Tween There have been many posts on how some are better […]

Camera Class Quirks with FMS

I did a project recently requiring a web camera recording to Flash Media Server 3. Whilst I was working on this I found out some interesting (annoying) things about the Camera class. These include : Tip 1. When initiating a connection to the Camera it’s best to do this through the Microphone class. Sounds odd […]

You Tube Flash AS3 / AS2 Data Player API

Recently I have been working on something involving the use of video content from You Tube. With the lack of a good API out there I created my own. Below is a simple example of this working with sample code to download further below. AS3 example import; import; // var yt:YouTube = new […]