Exponential Technology Curve over time – Explaining the expansion

The best way to judge your present is to look back and analyze your past. The world, however, has started to govern itself through numbers rather than their social stature. The introduction of science and the subsequent influx of technology has made sure that every progression, digression, detour, and the trend has been mapped out through the help of statistical data. The data gives out the information where further development could be planned and areas of concern are taken care of. The technology has, however, mostly seen concave curves coming its way since its inception and now, is a non-detachable part of the world.

Moore’s Law

The law was particularly designed to address the number of transistor in the electronically integrated circuits and states that the transistor doubles up every two years, give or take. This has transposed into a universal law for the world of electronics as can be seen in a lot of the aspects.

The growth in the law was restricted to the usage of the transistors but with time, it has been identified that the law holds for a lot of other aspects of an electronic device. They range from the pricing of the product to its sales to its processing speed to the memory capacity to any other intricate attribute of the electronic machines.

The exponential curve

The Exponential Technology curve over time has maintained its acceleration and slope which is an unprecedented event in any business. The curve that looks like an upward facing bowl grows at a rate that is faster than linearity with a slope of at least 2.7 greater than normal.

The curve does not possess a constant slope but is marked by a continuous upward bend. The degree of the bend is subjected to the regular growth of the system (any attribute) and the length of intervals, it achieves that growth. Astonishingly, there is no irregularity in the curve in the form of a downward slope which is an accolade itself owing to the dwindling trends of the market.

This gives the idea that the technology is growing and rest assured, it actually is. Through the exponential technology curve over time, one can predict the future or analyze the past trends but to understand why it is defying the most solid of economic trends, one needs to dig deeper.

Reason for the acceleration

The reason a technological product has an exponential curve attached to it is that the whole process of technological advancement works on the process of evolution. The need to better the current product, identify potential glitches and rectify them as soon as possible is the major reason why the market remains so accepting to this product.

The second reason is that the evolutionary process in itself works with high acceleration. With a massive turnout of Science graduates and a whole lot of investment from the government and industries, the procedure of uplifting the standards of the product gets swifter.

The market for Science is so wide and the potential of it so vast that the exponential part of the curve will continue to persist. Therefore, the surprise factor should not take precedence as much as the accepting factor should, owing to a wonderful trend that the human brain has introduced.

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