The Reality of Plastic Surgery

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Often we read about how vast majority of people have benefitted from plastic surgery. Every now and then there is news of some celebrity undergoing through body shaping and organ modifying surgeries to beautify themselves and to enhance their look. It is not a simple financial procedure for common people to aspire for. Having understood their popularity, they often come with a lot of bucks.  If we leave the financial setbacks aside, beauty is something any person would aspire for. While some are naturally gifted of the same, others who have not been so, tend to feel guilty and insecure. This creates negative thinking and sometimes depression which is not a welcoming sign. Especially people in the glamour industry like movies, fashion and beauty are expected to maintain their shrine and beautiful looks. Companies like PlasticSpot have left a mark in the modern surgical procedures.

Since modern world has solution to almost any problem, so is it with beauty also. It is no more just a god’s gift. With advanced medical and cosmetic treatments many of your beauty problems can be set erect. Thanks to the revolution called Plastic surgery that has emerged as the body sculpting business. Its phenomenal success in the recent times has transformed the lives of many handicapped and not so great looking people bringing new hopes. The outcome of these treatments has even showed positive effects on many people.  They claim to have gotten positive approach towards life. However it is equally important to note that like every coin has two sides, these surgeries also have their own ups and downs.


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Boosts confidence:  These surgeries result in boosting up your confidence levels. If there is a body part that you wish could have been better for example a flat nose or broad chin, you can change it with the help of small surgery that will make you look better. Your self-image is bettered and there will be an overall change in the way you look yourself. You will start feeling good and positive.

Boosts up health: The main advantage of these surgeries it improves the health condition of a person. A man with large breasts may have a risk of cancer in that area. Similarly a person with nose joints may experience sinus which can be corrected with a surgery. Some health complications can be rectified with the help of minor treatments.

Repair of bodily parts: Often we hear only about surgeries done on famous celebrities and the complications faced by them.  But the ultimate goal of cosmetic surgeries is to improve the quality of life. Any bodily organ with birth deformities can be easily corrected with the help of these surgeries. Many life changing and positive rendering stories have not seen light. There are instances where children with cleft palates were treated with reconstructive operations thereby bringing a new light in their lives.

Life changing experience:  A person is left with a life changing experience with the kind of new positive experiences that one experiences. The thought that the slightest physical pitfalls that made a person a gloomy are now welcomed with a total new appearance is something that only that person can experience. It becomes a life changing phenomenon and this experience stays on.

Social relationships: The new look will make you a socially healthy person. The people with whom you have interacted with delicacy will far more await to see you in contact. The shy and back stepping guy in you will take a back seat and you will be proactive in your social relations. This creates a healthy and new born YOU.


Health complications: Any surgery comes with its own downsides.   Just like any other surgery, these also take several months to heal and to see the desired result. Some people may be allergic to anaesthesia and might develop quick reactions.  While recovery time takes time, some people may develop side effects in the meantime.

Unreal expectations:  Very often we see film stars and pop singers undergoing these surgeries and bringing a new look to themselves. Common people fall to these kind of false advertisements and expect a lot from these surgeries. If the result is not up the expectations, they tend to get depressed. So it is important to understand the real life scenarios and come out of unreal expectations.

Plastic Surgery is Costly

Many of these surgeries loot out whole lot of money from you. It is seriously not pocket friendly for common man. The minimum cost of any surgery is $2500. Moreover there are rarely insurance coverages for these surgeries. Except for few birth defects operations and some accident injuries there are hardly coverages.

Time taking: Unlike the promises given by companies, these surgeries are not quick in action. They take time in showing the results and test patient’s patience. There will be instances where you will be required to pay frequent visits to physicians which is mentally and financially frustrating.

Recovery time:  Sometimes the recovery takes lot of time and you will be expected to take lot of care post-surgery. You are not allowed to go out in the sun, use certain products etc depending on the surgery you have undergone. It is not always possible to follow the care procedures that too, for longer periods of time.

Mixed reactions: We live in a society of back stabbing. Though there are chances of feeling better in public after the modified look, there will be people who keep degrading you criticising it is not a natural look. They may assume you to be low in esteem and modesty. Your confidence, instead of boosting up, may fall low in those situations making you feel depressed.

Every surgery has its own merits and demerits. It is incumbent on the patient to have a detailed study of the positive and negative impacts of the same. Also it is important to identify a reliable source which can act as real life changer and bring out a feel good person from you.

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