Make The World A Secured Place to Live In With The New Age Technology

Information is the most important tool that is available in the modern world. Battles in the modern times are not being fought with weapons and warfare but with mind and information. There have been significant changes in the way we perceive information these days. From the manner in which the information is conveyed to the manner in which it is used, humans have discovered better ways to utilize and exploit information at the same time.

However, the advancement in the tech world has proved to be a boon and a bane at the same time. While on one hand, it helps a person to store relevant information and share it with interested users while on the other hand, it allows a person to exploit the information in the way he or she wants. This has led to the breach of privacy which is one of the trending topics in the global news. With each passing day, more and number of business houses and powerful companies are disclosing the news of privacy breach that has affected millions of people. More and number of innocent users are becoming the victims of the data breach that occurs every day. It is for this reason that modern technology is continuously trying to look for newer ways to protect information that are safe and secure as well. 2018 certainly brings a new ray of hope for the people who are looking for safer and more secured mediums for the transfer and sharing of information.

The vicious circle

The privacy breach is something that has become a raging issue among the people and organizations around the world.  The basic reason behind the data theft can be quite different depending on the needs of people. However, it is totally illegal and it is for this reason why the breach of privacy is so common in the organizations. Whether it is national security or international relations or the organizational data, nothing is safe from the clutches of the hackers who are always on the lookout of some or the other way to steal the information.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Although, it seems like an impossible task to ensure the safety of the data that lies on the internet and on systems, yet the current scenario in the technological world is continually changing. With the help of these newly found measures, several firms are on the lookout of developing measures that allow a person to encrypt the information in a way that it becomes absolutely difficult for any breach of privacy and information. One such technology that is still in its nascent phase is the ZKP or the zero-knowledge proof which is basically a technology that uses the advanced stages of cryptography to modify the information in a way so as to protect it from theft or breach.

Thus, with the help of the right technology by your side, you can be quite hopeful of the future of data.

How To Be In The List Of “Cool New Tech Websites Of 2018”?

The human needs were characterized by their food requirement, a sheltered place and clothes to wear. Nowadays, with the world running on the wheels of technology, it is very important to be tech-savvy and know in and out about what the new technology is in the market. The writing has changed significantly too with more films about science fiction and where it is leading us to more surrealistic novels about the technology adversely affecting the human life. The debate seems to be never-ending despite the trend staying persistent. Since the hierarchy is an ingrained attribute to humans, technology has been ranked too and particularly the websites that talk about them. Thus, in the year that is running, it is important to feature in the “Cool New Tech Websites of 2018”.

Things to include on the website

To feature in the “Cool New Tech Websites of 2018”, one needs to have certain features in their website that can outshine others. They have to be incorporated smartly that would cater to the audience visiting the website.

Informative and on-point material:

The website should be aware of what their core information is all about. The content on the article should be extremely informative about the concerned topic and should not deviate away to some other aspects of technology. Also, what is important is to understand the psyche of the target audience and what would they seek when they become a part of the traffic on the website.

Mentioning important links:

To make sure the article looks well-researched and to display the effort being put in, it is important that the material is referenced properly and to useful links. This will not only ensure more crawling and traffic but create stronger and better backlinks that can elevate the position of the website on the search engines.

Displaying personality:

To look cool, you have to be inherently cool. Thus, it is important that the personality of the creator is shown on the website through its content or architecture. A novel and different content are always appreciated by the users.


The most significant attribute to success is passion alongside attitude. If a person is passionate about their possession or their work, it shows in the final outcome. The work done with full passion and dedication is a great indicator to the user about how useful the website is to them and thus, repeat visits.

Simplifying complex technology-based problems:

Ensuring that the transmission of data is simplified to a level where a new entrant can understand it easily will help the website getting more traffic because nobody enjoys complex jargons that they cannot fathom and have to continuously visit other websites or consult a dictionary to make sense out of them.

Thus, with the trend to be the coolest and the best website in the world of technology, it is important to have a simplified strong content for the search engines to crawl and further, websites to backlink resulting in making it to the list when compiled.